Nick Selch for PA State Rep, 41st District

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As a former technology company entrepreneur and a retired McCaskey East High School teacher, I have a deep appreciation for the power of individual initiative when combined with supportive public services.

Property taxes and school funding reform

Transparency in government

Stewardship of community resources

Public safety

Addressing the minimum wage

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  2. November 8 @ 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
    Election Day
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  • Nick Selch, candidate for State Representative in Pennsylvania’s 41st District, has picked up a key endorsement in his campaign.  Selch has been endorsed by The Central Pennsylvania Building and Construction Trades Council. In his endorsement statement, Joseph Gusler, President of the Council said that Selch’s “endorsement is a reflection of his strong support of working families and commitment to ensuring Central Pennsylvania’s economy remains strong and vibrant.”

  • Pressure to increase the Minimum Wage is often based on efforts to reduce widespread poverty. That argument assumes that government has an obligation to improve the well-being of low-income people. Another argument, less dependent on political good-heartedness, is that the Minimum Wage is part of the “rising tide that lifts all ships.”  To begin, we should discard the claim by company owners and managers that they are the ones who “create jobs.”

  • When Gov. Tom Wolf allowed the 2015-16 Republican budget to go into effect at the end of March, 41st House District Rep. Brett Miller called the document “a responsible plan.” His reaction shows just how out of touch he is. One school superintendent, undoubtedly speaking for many in the region, puts the situation in a much different perspective. Somebody, somewhere must fix the manner in which education is funded in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania soon, she said. “The system is … read more